Formal or informal, party or quiet get-together, exclusive hire or small gathering, no matter what the occasion, Dr Rudi’s is the place.

Let our professional team of good buggers and buggeresses look after you.

Our Spaces

Brewers Corner

  • Seated: ~ 40
  • Cocktail: ~ 75

This is the best of the best when it comes to private waterfront seating on the Viaduct Harbour.

With large tables, there’s plenty of space for a sit-down meal or a cocktail and canapes style event.

Semi-covered by the retractable roof and there are heaters available.

Furthest from the venue entrance and with direct bar access this is the ideal location for your next event.

ADD ON: Steel City

Available as an extra space with Brewers Corner, add on Steel City to your area for increased capacity to 100 people in a cocktail-style setting.

With exclusive access to the bar, and even more real estate on the best balcony in town, this is the place to be!

Additional minimum spend applies.

Upper Deck

  • Seated: ~ 30
  • Cocktail: ~ 50

Perch above the yachts and watch the Viaduct buzz with activity – all from your own semi-private section that is perfect for all types of functions.

With smaller tables and a mixture of low & tall seating, this is the ideal spot for you. The retractable roof provides security from the elements, as do the heaters, while the view over the Viaduct is simply unrivalled.

Balcony Exclusive

  • Cocktail: ~ 150

Want that view all to yourself (and 99-149 of your closest mates and colleagues)?

Book out the entire balcony of Dr Rudi’s – complete with exclusive access to the bar, heaters, indoor & outdoor seating, and not to mention (arguably) the best view in the world.

This space is comprised of Brewer’s Corner, Steel City AND Upper Deck.

Bowling Lanes

  • Cocktail: ~ 40

Get the ball rolling on your next unforgetta-bowl event with exclusive use of our bowling lanes.
We’ll ‘spare’ you the hassle of finding activities for the group and provide you with exceptional food and drinks to match.

Step up your game by adding on the East Bar Section to increase capacity up to 150 people in a cocktail setting! (Additional minimum spend applies.)

Venue Exclusive

  • Cocktail : ~ 500 people

Need something easy? Try your hand at organising a piss up in a brewery!

Have the venue all to yourself, with exclusive access to our bowling lanes, bar, and not to mention the phenomenal views over the Viaduct…

If you request an outdoor seat when making your booking, we'll do our best to accommodate however can't guarantee it.