Crazy P Soundsystem

30 December 2022

Crazy P have been a firm favourite since forever here in NZ, with their last live show in Auckland being in 2008…that’s 14 years ago! Whether you remember that gig or not, it’s safe to say that spotting them here is a rarity, so we’re very proud to present something ultra-special – A New Year’s Eve-eve party with Crazy P Soundsystem!

Yes! Avoid the queues, the expensive Ubers and unavailable baby sitters! Celebrate the night before NYE, Friday 30th December as we tear the roof off!

Soundsystem you say? That’s right! Not just a DJ set, James Baron will be on production & keys with the iconic Danielle Moore singing their hits live in the flesh – It is New Year’s Eve-eve after all!

And as if this isn’t enough, we’ve crammed in a stellar local line-up on support; DiCE_NZ will be throwing down an exclusive set with Matt Sawyer on Percussion, Murry Sweetpants will saunter in with his tried & tested style, while the delightful DJ Tandra will spin her unique house grooves and Mr Nigel Love will step in to lay the foundations…

This is a one-off opportunity to catch such an esteemed international act so don’t miss your chance, round up a crew and get in early to enjoy the famous Rudi’s hospitality – With all the moments you want, and none of the fuss you don’t!

Disclaimer: Dr Rudi’s is the venue for this event, promoted by audioclub and tickets throught iticket. Please note that tickets are not available to be purchased at Dr Rudi’s and any ticket purchases are between the purchaser and iticket.

If you request an outdoor seat when making your booking, we'll do our best to accommodate however can't guarantee it.